luf turkish handmade towel design

Like all objects meant to last a lifetime, your Luf towel might also need some loving care. Here we address some common issues you might face:

How to wash your Luf Towel

You can machine wash (30 degrees or lower!) and lay flat to dry. No special detergent needed. And please NO fabric softeners, dryer sheets, or bleach!

Tassels on your Luf towel are undone?

  1. Divide the loose threads into two roughly equal sections.

  2. Twist the two sections separately in a clockwise direction until each piece is twisted to the ends.

  3. Twist the two sections together in the opposite (counter-clockwise) direction until the two sections are twisted completely.

  4. Tie a knot at the end, and you’re finished!

A loop is pulled on your Luf towel?

Easy fix: simply snip the loop to be even with the rest of the loops. Don't be nervous- you can’t make a hole in a hand woven piece!

Spilled something on your Luf towel?

You can use any stain treatment, but please avoid bleach. A paste made with baking soda and vinegar also works wonders and is an all natural way to remove stains. Bleach weakens fibers, making them less absorbent and more fragile. We recommend adding 1/4 cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar to a wash.

Where can I buy one again?

Have a look at all different styles here.

luf pestemal handmade towel design