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Luf Turkish towel review
Turkish towel review bathroom

“They are quite simply beautiful to look at and can you honestly say that about a standard towelling towel? There is simply no comparison when it comes to good looks.”

“Smooth and silky to the touch, the Luf towel drapes beautifully and feels wonderful against the skin. You might even be fooled into thinking that these handwoven towels are more of a pashmina than an actual towel to dry your body. They feel and look luxurious which will add to your bathing experience. “

Thank you Maria for your kind words! Click here to read the full article.




It was a great honour to be chosen as one of the best hammam towels in the UK by The Independent! No matter if you call them hammam towels, Turkish towels, or peshtemals, Luf Towels should be your choice!



Van life turkish towel

"Many people swear by microfibre towels for travelling, but I really don’t like how they feel on my skin and they’re made from plastics. As an alternative I’d heard that Turkish or Hammam towels were ideal for travelling – quick drying, super compact, really absorbent. I came across Luf Towels, which are all handwoven and 100% cotton, and ordered 4 in different colours, one for each of us.

They have been brilliant, they are true to their reputation and are fantastic for life on the road. Also so beautiful! And I don’t know if this is just my imagination, but I swear when I wrap myself up in my Luf Towel after swimming or bathing, it feels like the towel warms up, like a great big hug."


They have a lovely blog called "Baby Bus Adventures" and you can read it here

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Thanks John for your kind message! 

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Harley's Thailand Holiday

Luf Turkish towel towel holiday

A recent Luf lover Harley shared this lovely picture of his Luf towel last week from Thailand. Luf Towels make the best companion on your holidays! 

See Harley's choice Cesme Blush here.

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Joyce K's beautiful message


As Joyce visited our website to buy a couple of new Luf Towels, she left a beautiful message. Thanks Joyce!

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Elizabeth L & Priscilla M

Two of our returning Luf lovers, Elizabeth & Priscilla, left lovely notes at the check out on their last visit:

Elizabeth Luf turkish towel review
Priscilla luf turkish towel review
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Maya Zepinic

Maya ZepinicIt was a great honour to be part of top 10 essentials list by the celebrity stylist Maya Zepinic! See the full list here.

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Jenna D & Joanne R

At check out, we ask our customers for any feedback or comments they have for us. It's always great to see repeat purchases along with lovely messages like the below! Thanks Jenna D. and Joanne R. for these!

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Sarah's Blog - Life in a Breakdown

Click  here  to read rest of Sarah's review of Luf Towels on her lovely blog, "Life in a Breakdown". See Sarah's choice  Kalkan Turquoise here .

Click here to read rest of Sarah's review of Luf Towels on her lovely blog, "Life in a Breakdown". See Sarah's choice Kalkan Turquoise here.

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Francis @kuya_frank

Thanks Francis for sending a picture of your Luf Towel, all the way from Bali! A real Luf lover! See Francis' choice Fethiye Bright here.

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Kim @kimberleylou123

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Ben Edwards

On 7th November, we have heard from one of our most recent Luf fans, Ben Edwards. Ben was kind enough to send us a feedback email about his Luf Towels:

"Your towels are great. They are the only towel I have ever owned which can double up as both a luxurious bath sheet and travel with me in a small backpack when on business."

Ben Edwards


Thanks a lot Ben (owner of all styles in our Kalkan series- Blue, Turquoise, and Grey) for your kind words.

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Christopher Paul @christopherjpaul


Chris shared a picture of his Luf Towel on his Instagram account, along with some really kind words. Thanks Chris! 

His favourite Luf Towel is Kalkan Grey. See the Kalkan series here.

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Joanne Watson


"I'm just back from my holiday, and wanted to let you know my Luf towel was great! It's so lightweight and easy to pack, and it dried really quickly. I have now washed it and it looks as good as new. It will definitely be my new holiday essential!

The order process was really easy, and I was impressed with how quickly it arrives. The packaging was beautiful, it would make a lovely gift. I loved the different colour options, and would definitely order another one in the future.

Kind regards,



Joanne used her Luf towel on her holiday in Croatia and she was kind enough to share her experience and a picture. Thanks Joanne!


See Joanne Watson"s choice Bodrum Sunny here

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"How amazing is the packaging your Luf Towels come in! #paperwrapped #cardboardtube #care #consideration #handmade"

See Dave's choices Bozcaada Turquoise and Grey here.

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Carly Rowena @carlyrowena

As seen in CarlyRowena's house tour video!

"Luf towels are works of art, SO pretty"

See Carly's choice Cesme Violet here.

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Clare Nicolson @clarenicolson

"I've upped my towel game!"

See Clare's choice Cesme Blush here.

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Thiago Lazzarato @thiago_lazzarato

"super absorbent and compact"

See Thiago's choice Ayvalik Blue here.

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Daniel @peliqueiro88

"It arrived and it's lovely"

See Daniel's choice Kalkan Grey here.

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Lina Matluma @linamatluma

"Beautiful ! They are just gorgeous towels. Absolutely loving mine"

See Lina's choice Cesme Olive here.

See Lina's blog post about her Luf towel here.

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Luf Towels are hand woven and are 100% cotton. This makes them super absorbent, take very little place and dry very quickly.

They are ideal to be used in the beach, at the gym, in your bathroom, or when travelling!